Integrated solutions

Proger solutions work together to meet ALL the needs of the automotive industry. A suite of solutions capable of reaching - and collaborating with - every company in the supply chain.


ClipParts is the electronic aftermarket catalogue: a suite of databases containing the information and data needed by companies operating in the spare parts market for cars and for commercial and industrial vehicles. Thanks to its exclusive features and the continuous updating of its price lists, ClipParts is the indispensable tool for professionals in the automotive sector, allowing the quickest and most accurate identification of car, motorcycle and truck spare parts.

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ClipParts Pool is the customized portal for manufacturers, distributors and spare parts dealers, which enables customers (retailers or workshops) to identify and purchase the products they need. A solution that can be integrated into any B2B e-commerce to locate the spare part through ClipParts.


Use the power of ClipParts to make the search for spare parts in your webshop effective. Thanks to ClipParts Webservice you can add a complete search engine of vehicles circulating in Italy, along with the relative components and codes for each one, to your IT solution.


The over 800 companies which use Proger management solutions represent a real Business Community successfully operating in the Automotive Market. Being Proger Ready means preparing your systems for connection to those of the Proger user community.


This is the technology which enables several companies in the automotive industry to connect their available stock to one big warehouse. This way, your spare parts and those of the warehouses you are connected to (spread over the entire country) can be consulted all at once, in the same place at the same time.


Proger Data Import/Export is a service that completely automates the transfer of supplies from the distributor to the spare parts dealer, through the automatic import of Transport Documents and Invoices.


An advanced solution for the management of inventory and loading and unloading of stock using barcodes. Using a smartphone, strapped easily to an arm and an optical reader worn as a ring, operators can enjoy maximum mobility without being hindered in their work.


Vision is the specific management software for those in Italy who make the wholesale and retail distribution of automotive parts their business. The architecture of Vision has been designed to respond to the needs that come every day from over 2,500 operators in the automotive sector who adopt Proger solutions throughout Italy. Thanks to Vision, every operator in the spare parts market - network, manufacturers, distributors, spare parts dealers and workshops - is able to compete in an effective and innovative way.


Vision ERP is the management software for Italian automotive parts distribution companies which aim to obtain the management power of the largest and best-organised companies together with the flexibility enjoyed by the smallest and most dynamic ones. Vision ERP embodies Proger's experience in the aftermarket sector and the know-how developed is translated into cutting-edge technology solutions, ease of use, constant reliability and numerous functions which can be scaled over time.


Calibro is the management system developed by Proger for Italian workshops. The management of workshops today requires the maximisation of human resource efficiency and ongoing training. Proger responds to these needs with Calibro, the management solution adopted by hundreds of workshops and some of the most important networks in the Italian car repair industry.


The webshop for aftermarket professionals is supported by an innovative platform, Vision weB2B. Vision weB2B is the new Business to Business e-commerce developed by Proger on the same technological platform as its management solutions. The ideal solution to provide the utmost computing power, management flexibility and learning ability.


Vision weB2C is the e-commerce solution developed by Proger for those who want to expand their business with the end-consumer target. At a time of considerable difficulty for the spare parts market, Vision weB2C offers professionals a tool to reach markets which are geographically distant from those normally served.


Innovative Business Intelligence specifically for companies in the Automotive market! Through a set of statistical analyses and graphs, Proger Bi offers ALL the right information at the right time, using the simplest and most comprehensible method of representation.


Using Cloud technology means bringing the power and flexibility offered by the Network to your business. By combining SAAS distribution models and Dedicated Servers, Proger is able to offer High-Availability solutions which guarantee higher operating standards in terms of quality and service continuity.


Proger offers companies in the Automotive industry a service for developing specific communication solutions for professionals who want to communicate using all the tools at their disposal: from the web to email, social networks and traditional platforms.